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Bedding Plants
We offer a wide variety of Spring Bedding Plants
Hanging Baskets
Moss Hanging Baskets (20", 18", 16" and 14" available) & Plastic Hanging Baskets:
  • Fuchsia
  • Mix
  • Petunia
  • Calibrachoa
  • Cedar Hanging Baskets
Planters and Pots
We offer planters in many shapes and sizes.

Fuchsia Swingtime Basket

'Swingtime' is a dynamic, free growing upright shrub with an open branching habit. The leaves have a dark green complexion complemented by red veins along surrounded by toothed edges. During the start of summer, to the midst of fall, the Swingtime gives blossom plump red flowers with red sepals and vibrant white corollas. Throughout the bloom season they require a lot of feeding with water soluble fertilizer twice a month.
Impatien Bags

Impatien Bags

Impatiens are as tender as perennials, however they are grown as annuals. These flowers are able to reproduce by means of cuttings or by seed. In addition, it is simple to fill the neighbourhood with this plant through spreading its cuttings throughout moist soil.

Fuchsia Marinka

Fuchsia Marinka Basket

The ‘Marinka’ has a trailing behaviour along with two toned red flowers. At first they appear in mid-summer, and continue to grow towards start of winter. They also bear dark green, oval shaped leaves that range from one to two inches long. Not only does this plant appear graceful, and delicate, but it also brings the presence of hummingbirds occasionally.

Moss Impatien Apricot Basket

Moss Impatien Apricot Basket

Due to their beauty and ease of growth, the Impatiens have become one of the most popular plants. They thrive best between 60 degrees and 85 degrees and bloom abundantly until the beginning of frost. These type of plant enjoys the morning sun, or partial shade. Keeping them away from direct sunlight or drying winds will guarantee a healthy and beautiful plant.

Purple Wave Petunia Basket

Purple Wave Petunia Basket

Wave Petunias combine the behaviours of the petunia and the travailing vine plant. These flowers have colour attributes of the original petunia and come in shades of yellow, red, purple pink, and white. The Wave Petunia grows abundantly throughout its growing season and does not require plucking the way a traditional petunia would.

Variety of Moss Baskets

Moss baskets are very famous throughout the Lower Main land. We offer a range of moss baskets from 14" - 20".

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